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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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enhancing drugs. bounces the only player to win seven mvp awards for the first time since 1996.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> good morning is 6:00 a.m. on thursday. >> watching washington with vice-president joe biden. >> let's get the latest are your weather forecast, good morning >> good morning it is freezing in some spots. we're picking up light rain for the san mateo county coast line. heavier rain is being produced over the santa cruz mountains above 1,500 ft.. we're seeing a dusting of white snow.
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satellite and radar pictures show we still have some showers sitting off shore. it will start to taper off and the cover over the ocean as we head into lunchtime. cold air pushing and with this cold front and it looks like it will continue for the next several days. a freeze advisory and frost advisory goes into effect of the bay area on settle weather continues into the weekend. i'll talk about your we can't hide it or else we can see some snow coming up and my next report. >> highway 80 westbound not looking so good this morning. we have a house by castro that is working for an hour now. this is 580 west was right at the castro valley exit. the far right lane is called off, it is a car fire at happened after 5:00 this morning. as you
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work your way out of the blood headed towards castro valley keep this in mind. no word yet as to where the fire crews hope to have this completely clean up being cleared but it has been working for an hour now. they have yet to get this off the shoulder and it is really jammed up the drive. there the all the my you of your regular slow. it is stop and go basically from to 05 into livermore. it will be a tough to meet for 580 this morning, not looking so good. we will keep you updated and let you know we will have this completely cleaned up and cleared. >> later this morning police in vallejo will hold a news conference to talk about a 79 year-old man accused of killing his 89 year-old mother. this is not the first time this person under
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arrest has come under the law? >> in no. he c contact with the law 47 years ago. the vallejo police department have known about him for quite some time because he had been registered with them as a sex offender. they will be holding a news conference at 11:00 this morning to give us more details about this man and what he did yesterday. here's a picture of them, dead as stand worth. around noon yesterday he called a vallejo police department and told them he killed his mother they believed. they believe it was a prank call but they went and checked it out. he did indeed kill his mother. they are giving out her name and nellie it stand worth and he has a rap sheet. in
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1966 he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, sexual assault day and shooting to teenage girls. there were 14 and 15 years old. he was initially sentenced to death and something happened and that was given a life in prison. he was the eventually paroled and we will find out from investigators what year he was paroled. after being paroled he stayed with his mother up until yesterday. we hope to get more and for myself before the news conference happens. they soon be arriving about two hours from now. >> lots of questions to be answered, thank you for that update. >> by president joe biden and his gun task force is meeting with the national rifle association and other gun rights groups as officials look for ways to curb violence linked to
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down. the vice-president joe biden is leading administration wide review of gun safety laws, bowling urgent action in the wake of last month's massacre at the connecticut elementary school. the meeting with the nra as one of three bided has scheduled for today and he is also meeting was boards men and wildlife interest groups, as well as people from entertainment industry talk about gun violence. the nra has already said they oppose any new gun laws and wal-mart the nation's largest the seller has said it will not attend the board vice president's task force will be making recommendations by the end of the month. he at my new details about the girl was kidnapped >> and hayward more than 20 years ago. hayward police say a bomb fragments found in the ban and well in central california last year is not michaela garecht. >> i do find myself feeling a sense of relief. that it's
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not a kayla garrepark. and i hot i can go on living like half of the last 20 years looking for her. >> michaela garecht was only 9 years old when she was kidnapped outside a grocery store and a word back 1988. meanwhile the search of for the victims of speed freak killers continues and linden. so far no human remains have been, and the date is taking longer than expected. the fbi says the well is deeper than they originally thought it was a they have not yet reached the bottom. once they do they will start hansa think of the dark to see if there any human remains. >> tonight community members
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and martine as will have a chance to get some answers about impending closure of a fire station due to budget cuts. fire officials will talk about how the district plans of responding to fires and medical emergencies in the areas affected by the closure. last month, the board of supervisors unanimously voted to approve a proposal to close 4 stations and contra costa county. the other states are located in lafayette, walnut creek and clayton. means of committees will be held sometime this month. >> you think it's cold here? and how it is very cold and they have chain requirements. here's a look at the highway at my eamy ear. e will tell you about the snow next.
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>> what and right now about futures are up there at 30 before the opening bell. jobless claims from last week ito than the president will
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officially nominate jack lew for the treasury secretary to replace them geigetimothy geithner there it s low is a federal budget expert at known to be a tough part are. if confirmed by the senate, he will make take the helm of the government's main agency for economic and fiscal policy just as we deal with the u.s. reaching its borrowing limit, the debt ceiling. some republicans complained that lew has been too unyielding in past fiscal negotiations. a big news regarding the new mortgage rosebay propose apparently stemmed died near practices signature for weeks.
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>> you can't do wilodle >> the consumer financial protection bureau has rolled out new rules designed to ensure that mortgage borrowers could afford to repay the loans they take out. according to the rules, which take effect next year lenders will be required to verify it is bad borrowers financial records. no more no doc loans. they will be prohibited from selling girls with loan payments telling more than 43 percent of the person's annual gross income. it is only loans that helped inflate the housing bubble will be banned. >> there iwill be right back.
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>> 6:16 a.m. is the time and we are focusing on whether coverage this morning. mike peltz and is at the toll plaza talking about how it feels out there. >> it is a little dusty at
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the toll plaza but winds are dying down. they are still high enough to keep a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. there out the morning we have seen 10 mi. an hour sustained winds and 20 mi. an hour gusts. i still see big rigs and semi trucks heading over the bridge without having any problems. i will pan the camera oversleep and see the flag next to the toll plaza. you can tell how wild the winds are now. --mild the winds may be dying down but traffic is picking up heavy into san francisco. >> we have some light rain and the forecast along the coastline. we're talking san mateo county. we are also say light right around boulder creek and the santa cruz mountains. higher
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elevations around 1,500 ft. we are also seeing a light dusting of snow. there interesting forecast shaking up. this is thanks to the cold front that has pushed its way and. a light rain, a little bit of moisture is associated with this system. the cold air and has drops' to snow levels. in addition to that it will get freezing. wind is a factor so when show will be factored into your numbers as we head into tomorrow. current temperatures are at freezing and napa low 40's for richmond oakland. 40 out the door in concord 37 we have been hayward. again we have the potential for snow, we are already seeing it on portions of highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains. one to 2 in. of snow is possible above 2,000 ft. up to an aunt or maybe a trace amounts only for 1500 to 2,000 ft.. we are monitoring
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the santa cruz mountains. this is also a possibility at mission peak. if you cannot get your snow fixed in the bay area why not have up to tahoe? they're getting a couple of inches of fresh new powder. by 3:00 p.m. last of three and is everywhere. we will see a little more in terms of accumulation as we head into 8:00 p.m. tonight. if you're headed in that direction check with caltrans and chains are currently required for interstate 80 and highway 50. speaking of snow we have reports on highway 5 at chp is facing traffic. we could see some accidents as as it would that's no way around this morning. afternoon highs in the bay area are up for 44 of their fill them vallejo, 50 for downtown stamford cisco 49 for pleasanton. walking through your 7 day around the bay forecast unseasonably cool conditions for the next couple of days. it fog advisory and a freeze
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warning that affects very much everyone waking up tomorrow morning. unsettled weather continues until saturday and sunday. right now we're talking a 10 percent chance of showers. relatively light in nature and clear skies and temperatures are slightly warmer as we start the next work week. 6:19 a.m. and on to traffic. good morning robin >> good morning erica and and castro valley there is a car fire that block the latest for an hour. the car fire is out and under control. we still have slow traffic. it was at the castro valley it backexit. the damage is done. is really heavy here. it was bombed by 80 has worked its way out of the blunt words. yet a lot of lookee lose. the castro valley site is one be a busy coming out of tracy threw
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the all to my headed towards livermore. drive times are up to 41 minutes. that is normal for this time of morning, no accidents along the stretch. it is regular traffic. the south bay as the bridge with the san jose fax to an earlier accident northbound 1 01 way is cleared and out of the way. traffic is still crowded and northbound 1 01 just before and after the 680, two 80 split. it is definitely slow. >> the bay bridge will light up today for the first test of its new ldp lights. the tests are run through january 5th save. about 25,000 and leave the lights have been strung along the bridge. it is all part of a two-year are insulation installed at by the bridge
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is it deceptive anniversary by i is leo ellery out. the bay light traffic and $8 million plan is expected to be unveiled officially end march. >> its more police say it was a cheap way to put together a pony, invasion burglary as a scare tactic to try again residents move out of their home. her husband isn't that what the answer is and how everyone involved in the plot is being charged with his death. police say taijeron her boyfriend to others
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bridges abated. the plan backfired when her husband's of one it burglar breaking into the apartment and got into a scuffle and both lost their guns. the man grabbed a knife and stabbed her intruder. his name is >> his name is mr. teeth. alameda county sheriff's deputy state alligator was getting more the 34 lbs. of processed marijuana at the home of a drug dealer. authorities say the governor's gaters of art that the greater insight is castro valley home for 16 years. alameda county sheriff's deputies discovered the alligator during an unannounced probation check. the reptile was inside the bedroom and a large plexiglas container. lakers 81 minutes of silent possibility in the home for two years. the owner faces drug charges as well as charges for ordering an exotic animal without
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permit. the oakland zoo as not caring for the animal. >> this just developing, a school bus crash. eight commuter and school was have grass and emergency responders are treating people of the same. we will hhoney, don't use your sleeve. vo: for cold and flu season, there's clorox bleach.
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>> more information on the bus crashed in new jersey we have reports that 16 people were injured on the charter bus. it was actually a mini school bus and flipped over on its side. thankfully there were no children on the school bus. 16 injuries aboard the chartered bus. the high-speed commuter ferry that crashed in the lower manhattan dock is a new jersey this morning where it is being investigated. we learn that the ferry had recently undergone a major overhaul that gave a new engines and a new propulsion system. it's unclear right now whether the at bay's played any role in the rush hour incident that heard at least 80 people. the mechanical
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you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam?
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more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. >> tbn i on wall street today and the features are positive. we could have a three day rally here. we had an unexpected rise in the number of unemployment claims. export data coming out of china is not raising hopes. we will bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the morning and talked to our financial expert rob black at 645. the owner brown will be unveiling the new state budget. after years of double-digit deficits
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california's fiscal outlook is looking brighter. the governor has $6 billion in new tax revenue from the voters oppose tax increases on high-income earners and the state tax at an increase. it is the first time when many years of the state does not face drastic budget cuts. look for the governors are not increased spending on education even with the new revenue governor's state budget deficit is still projected to be about $2 billion according to legislative analyst's office. >> out winter weather advisory has been issued for the santa cruz mountains. jackie sissel is live giving us the view. as is highway 17 were you are? >> yes. it is the northbound side. it is actually pretty nice right now. of the stars are out and really know clouds to speak up. it feels like it is in the low '40's right now. we will have to
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worry that the roadway is a little wet this morning and obviously be temperatures falling out here would be black ice on 17. the weather is not too bad out here. the democrats probably the low 40's and it is pretty clear. they're almost no cloud ahead. a winter wind advisories in effect until 2:00 so there's still plenty of time for the bad weather to roll and. >> good morning we are watching the hours before noon because that is what we expect showers here in the day. we'll actually experiencing a light dusting of snow in the santa cruz mountains. we are looking for a straight cells that it for some of the higher
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elevations. when you get the precipitation mix it with their rally cold air and is the perfect ingredients for a snow here in the bay area. visibility because snow levels will not drop below a thousand feet. storm tracker 4 shows light rain and spotty showers are on the san mateo county coast line. this is not a big deal or rainmaker. the cold air is as it with this system is probably the bigger story. that is cold out there. 44 for downtown san francisco 36 for those of the waking up and livermore. it is a very cold starts of the morning, a freeze warning and frost advisory goes into effect overnight. i will talk about where we could see some snow and walking through your morning lows and your seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. >> highway 580 is still a hot spot fakes an earlier car fire on the castro
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valley side that was blocking for about an hour. fire crews and get this cleaned up a lot of the way but the damage is done. 580 west at the castro valley acts that they have the right laying cone off. the car is still on the scene but everything is off to the shoulder. fire crews are gone and they're still waiting for fire trucks but it is still attracting a lot of attention. take a look at this back up, it extends through the dublin, livermore and is joining up with the regular slow commute traffic coming from the of the mob. the total drive time now is 50 minutes and that's from tracy to highway 680. more heavy traffic waiting for you on the castro valley side bags to the earlier car fire. leave early give yourself plenty of extra time this morning. >> and vallejo police are going to hold a news conference to give us information about a seven year-old man who is accused of killing his 89 year-old
6:36 am
mother. kron4 is will tran is at the vallejo police department. >> they plan only news conference to give us more permission of about what happened yesterday. there was no manhunt, no investigation. he called the police the apartment and told them what he did. at first they thought it was a prank call but just to make sure they sent investigators to the home. sure enough they found him there and he went through the hall with the investigators and that's when they found the body of the 89 year-old woman. here's a picture of the suspect. 70 year-old dennis sandworts. he was convicted back 1966 after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting, kidnapping, and shooting to girls were aged 14 and 15. he was sentenced
6:37 am
to death but somewhere along the way it was overturned. he was given life in prison and a few years ago, we are trying to find out exactly what year, he was paroled and it he stayed with his mother and so yesterday. the vallejo police apartment about him after he got out of prison and his whereabouts because he had to register with them as a registered sex offender. it is a bizarre story, everyone is talking about on facebook. we're hoping to get more informations on investigators about where they've found the body. did she die yesterday are was the home in the hall of lot longer before he made this call? we're trying to get more information before the alum o'clock news conference. >> police as surgeon for a suspect is that this woman to death in the standards as those tenderloin district. the vessel stabbing stabbing happened back in october of last year. the
6:38 am
victim has been identified as elia cruiz. this surveillance video shows a victim entering her apartment building on eddy street with a suspect. police later found her dead inside are barbaric. here's a sketch of the suspect is described as a mixed race male 26 to 35 years old between 5 ft. 9 and 6 ft. 2 in. tall with long hair. >> walgreen's is it agreed to pay $1.4 million in civil penalties for questionable pricing up practices and involving california customers. investigators found multiple discrepancies between the prices walgreen's advertise on themselves and what people were charged. as a buyer the agreement customers were overcharged at the checkout can get a free item under $5
6:39 am
and either a $5 discount or credit. while rents will also establish a scattered price guarantee programs at its california stores. >> is on the chilly side, 45 degrees but is it moral to about 50 later this degrees but is it moral to about 50 later this afternoon. degrees but is it moral to about 50 later this afternoon. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990.
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help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful urs bay area news channel. here are the top stories. the suspect accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco over the weekend will be arraigned today. witnesses said 22 year-old dexter oliver got into an argument with his girlfriend this past sunday, had an argument that ended, police said, with oliver dousing his
6:41 am
girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. the victim, 25 year-old starr lamare >> pittsburg police try and to get her staples is the number 1 office super store ink re now get $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle when you spend $50 on hp ink. staples, that was easy. breaking into the apartment. police say, as it got into a scuffle, but men lost their guns. the victim then grabbed a knife and fatally
6:42 am
stabbed the intruder. >> bart police discovered a man's home in richmond filled with stolen bikes from all over the bay area. investigators say that it was a craigslist ad. according to investigators one of the victims of adequately realized that the item for sale was " his " white. it had been stolen from his home in san francisco three months ago. the victim help the bart police stage a meeting at the the-beat bart station in berkeley that led to his arrest. >> we will be right back. >> an academy bus collided with a many school bus, which overturned, on route 9 in old bridge, new jersey. >> the federal government
6:43 am
may tighten rules on the powerful pain killer v ivofin. later this month, the fda will consider a request to put the drug in the same category x o xycontin and other power from our cards. for patients, the new rules could sharply restrict the number of pills that can get and can drastically increase the number of doctor visits and necessary to get them. health officials say vicodin abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the united states. painkillers' upcoming 475% a prescribed drug overdoses. >> and a reminder to what
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dr. phil this morning after the kron 4 morning news at 10:00 a.m.. we will be right back. ♪ that haaromaro callcato yto
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>> the 6:45 a.m. and the top stories that we are following at this hour. a vallejo man is behind bars this morning after he confessed to the murder of his 89 year-old mother. 70 year-old disk and worth is a former death row inmate found guilty in 1966 of kidnapping, assaulting and killing two teenage girls in contra costa county. he lives with his mother after he was paroled from jail. >> vice-president joe biden
6:48 am
is meeting with the national rifle association today to discuss ways to curb gun violence. if the meeting is part of the obama administration review of gun safety laws that bike and misleading. mr. biden will make recommendations on gun policy by the end of the month. >> joining us now to talk markets is our financial expert on rob black. >> we have heard a lot about herbal life. >> this is something that i have to be careful about. a lot of people say that this is not a scheme. alternately, what they have is that they go out and sell
6:49 am
nutrition items. if they get people to sign up and then sign their friends of. it has a feel of a pyramid scheme. there is really no winner here. >> countries like china banned this type of item. this is really at their root of this problem. even if you go to their web site they do have it on the site if it is a pyramid scheme. there is a lot of talk about herbal life. >> you have hedge fund managers who never did anything like this. they stated that the stocks will go to zero. if you go to see in the you can revin
6:50 am
more. i do not like this from a business point. it smells funny, whether it is long or short. it seems to dramatic. >> there should be an asset ec investigation. >>sec investigation. >> it comes with the territory. >> let's talk about facebook there is 83 and from a facebook re a three in ff facebook. >> they are born to make an
6:51 am
announcement. >> we would check back with rob black at 9:15 a.m.. >> right down we are saying some stray showers. they're off shore and they have been reaching land. right around the san mateo county coast line we are picking up light rain. snow levels are still hovering over 2,000 ft.. if there's just a light dusting of snow. this is at highway 9. satellite and radar shows that we do have moisture off shore. there is a lot of cold air that is
6:52 am
infiltrating the bay area. >> right now snow levels are above 2,000 ft. but they can continue to drop throughout the course of today. we are expecting snow showers in the santa cruz mountains. ice palace can also fall and portions of highway 17. they can expect to get one to 2 in.. we have already seeing a light dusting and we could see more. because i do not believe that the snow levels will fall below 8,000 ft. i do not think that we will see it in san francisco. >> this is the story that we will continue to follow throughout the morning. everyone else is waking up to cold weather. it is low 40's out the door in concord. it will be colder
6:53 am
than yesterday and we are talking about low 50s in the south bay. it will be upper 40's for fairfield and for planting time. some of the north we go it will be upper 40's for san francisco. tomorrow morning we do have a freeze on morning that is an affect. this is for the north bay valleys to the east. and expect it to be very cold and your 7 day around bay stated that the temperatures will be in the upper 50s. if this will be the thames for the next few days. we do have showers as we head into saturday and sunday. >> highway 580 if your slowest commute drive this morning. there was an
6:54 am
earlier car fire that block claims for about an hour. it is starting to clear on the castro valley site. it is joining up with the traffic. checking your commute to the south bay we do have a little bit of slowing on northbound 101 towards santa clara. this is due to an earlier accident. just keep this in mind if you are traveling out of the south bay. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza has a stall that is westbound between the pay gates and the metering lights. the back up is all the way to
6:55 am
the 880 over crossing. >> the ride across the san mateo bridge is one okay and the commute to direction through hayward has no problems. on 101 across the golden gate bridge is doing just fine. >> it is 6:53 a.m.. it's coming up on the kron 4 morning news. if the oscar nominations just unveiled this morning. here is a look outside at van ness ave. we will be right back. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey
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>> welcome back. this year's
6:59 am
oscar nominations are out this morning. its for best actor, bradley cooper for silver linings playbook, daniel and david lewis fourth lead again, hugh jackman for les miserables, joaquin phoenix
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